About Victory Baptist


 Our Church

We are an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church located at 445 Shelton Road, Hampton, Va.  We are not governed or affiliated with any outside formal organization.

We are fundamental in that our church is founded on the New Testament scripture.  We believe the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, and salvation by the Grace of God through faith.  We stand on God's word as presented in the KJV 1611 Bible.  Christ is the head of our church and the Pastor is the leader of the local church.  We are premillennial and believe in the rapture of the church and the second coming of Christ



Currently the church committee is interviewing and presenting candidates before the congregation.


Our Founding Pastor

Pastor Samuel E. Hyde has been the pastor of Victory Baptist since 1963. He is a native of  Bryson City, North Carolina and a veteran of the Korea war.  Pastor Hyde graduated from Clear Creek Baptist College, Pineville, Kentucky in May 1963.

Please feel free to call Pastor Hyde if you have a special need or prayer request.  Our pastor is always concerned about the spiritual needs of the church and community and is here to help and guide you in your spiritual growth.



 King James Bible

We believe the King James Bible to be the perfect and infallible word of God.  We believe the Word of God as presented in the KJV 1611 Bible to be inspired by God in its origination and divinely preserved throughout the generations.  We only allow the KJV 1611 Bible in all sermons and bible studies.   We welcome all guests to come and listen to the true Word of God regardless of your current beliefs.  



The name Independent Fundamental Baptist Church is used by churches which pattern themselves strictly according to the early church found in the New Testament.


The name Baptist is used by many churches and many of these were founded on the doctrinal teachings of the New Testament.  Some have drifted away from the fundamental teachings of the Scriptures.  Independent Fundamental Baptist churches adhere to the fundamental teachings of the Bible such as the deity of Christ, the virgin birth and salvation by the Grace of God through faith.  True Independent Fundamental Baptists have no association or fellowship with churches that teach or practice things contrary to the New Testament.


The name Fundamental and Independent Baptist came into being as a result of many modern day Baptist churches compromising the Word of God and teaching or practicing false doctrines.  Many Baptists loved the Word of God and held true to it and refused to abandon the teaching of the New Testament.  Fundament and Independent adjectives were added to the Baptist name to distinguish between the doctrinally sound Baptist churches and those that compromise the Bible.


Independent means that the church is run locally and not a member of any council, convention or part of any hierarchy outside the local congregation.  There are no organizations that exercise authority over the local church.  Independent Fundamental Baptist churches have fellowship with others and often cooperate in things such as evangelism.  They only fellowship or cooperate in joint meetings with churches of like beliefs.  There are independent baptist organizations, such as mission boards, that help the local church carry out its mission, but they do not have the authority to ordain pastors or evangelists.  Evangelists and missionaries are accountable to their local or sending church and not the mission boards. Fundamental Independent Baptist churches separate themselves from doctrinally unsound churches and will not participate in any outside function with churches which do not also strictly base their faith and practice on the New Testament.


Fundamental means that the Baptist church uses the New Testament strictly as its authority for doctrine and practice. In recent years the news media has labeled doctrinally unsound churches including charismatics, pentecostals and television evangelist as fundamentalists. They should not be confused with Fundamental Baptists and, in fact, are worlds apart in their doctrines and beliefs.